Wise Program Uninstaller


Remove all of your program safely and completely


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Wise Program Uninstaller is a useful tool designed to provide a safe uninstall and help you get rid of all of the programs on your computer without leaving any traces of residual trash files.

This application will help you erase the programs you no longer want on Windows and clean all the residual entries they usually leave behind; Wise Program Uninstaller can even get rid of all of those programs that simply won't disappear from your system in any other way.

This tool gives you an overview of all the programs installed on your computer. You then just need to click on those which you no longer need and select 'safe mode'.

Wise Program Uninstaller also offers users a forced uninstall feature for applications that prove hard to get rid of, but it's best to leave this option as a last resort.

Plus, not only will you be able to erase programs, but Wise Program Uninstaller is also able to modify and repair entries.
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